Production of unique and original food supplements

We develop, produce and package food supplements for third parties with passion and experience. We satisfy every customer need who is followed, step by step, from formulation to final packaging.

  • Constant updating: news and market trends
  • Custom formulations: your ideas in food supplements
  • Full-Service: care and professionalism for each phase
produzione Donini

Learning from nature
to create Well-being

Thanks to our long experience and the careful choice of raw materials, we are the ideal partner for the realization of new ideas in the field of food supplements for third parties. We put quality first to guarantee innovative products in full respect of the well-being of people and the environment.

  • Attention and listening to the customer’s needs
  • Quality of the selected raw materials
  • Constant innovation of production methods

Concept and Trend

We create original food supplements with personalized and exclusive formulas. We are the ideal team for the realization of new ideas following the most modern market trends.

Servizio personalizzato

Personalized service

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the market, we offer consultancy for the design, formulation, development and creation of new products, taking care of every phase of the production process.

Un team qualificato con esperienza decennale ed in costante aggiornamento


A qualified team with decades of experience and constantly updated which, combined with the collaboration with prestigious consultants in the sector, supports the customer at every stage of the process.

Production flexibility

Thanks to the flexibility, the size of the company and the organization of the production system, we are able to respond to the needs of customers by creating lots of different sizes.

Soluzioni di packaging

Packaging solutions

We pack food supplements in different formats according to the customer’s needs: from the PET bottle to the glass one, from the sachet to the stickpack.

Certificazione biologica

Organic certification

The care and attention we pay to the well-being of people and to safeguarding the environment has led us to obtain certification of conformity for the production of organic products.