Our Company is specialized in the productions of food supplements for third parties in different types of packaging for products liquid and powder form. This phase, which concludes the production process, takes place in a safe and controlled environment.
Each operation is meticulously performed by our qualified staff, ensuring a high quality standard.

Gli integratori alimentari in forma liquida sono il nostro punto di forza.

Customized packaging

We offer our customers the possibility to choose different formats and materials according to their needs. Our production lines allow the application of labels or sleeves and complete packaging with cartoning. Being careful and sensitive to the quality of materials and their impact on the environment, we offer eco-friendly packaging in favor of environmental sustainability.

Imbottigliamento integratori liquidi


Food supplements in liquid form are our strength.
We can realize:

  • solutions
  • suspensions
  • emulsions
  • syrups
  • gel

The packaging ranges from 10 ml up to one liter in Pet, R-Pet or glass bottles; sachets and stickpacks.

Packaging for the liquid format
Flacone vetro/pet 10ml/1lt

Glass bottle/pet

Packaging per il formato liquido spray vetro

Spray glass/pet
20 – 50 ml

Packaging per il formato liquido gocce vetro

Glass  drops/pet
10/50 ml

Stick pack
5/20 ml

Buste 20/60 ml

20/60 ml

Solids and powders

We formulate and produce tablets, mixtures of powders to be dissolved in water or orosoluble. We can pack them in blister, single-dose sachets or stickpacks of various sizes, from 1 to 10 g.

  • Blister
  • Coupled single-dose sachets
  • Single single- dose sachets
  • Orosoluble stickpacks
Packaging for the solid and powder format
prodotti polveri formato blister


Bustine accoppiate

Coupled sachets

Packaging per il formato solido e polvere buste singole

Single sachets

Stick pack